Friday, March 04, 2005

This blog is about...

Anything interesting I find on the web.
Nothing specific. Anything I feel like posting comes here. I surf the web a lot and I think I manage to scoop up some of the most interesting stuff on the web. Keep an eye on this space to know what 'interesting' means.

/* Shakti Bar is the name of my favorite hang-out. I usually go there alone, have two whiskies, some chicken and some fried rice for dinner. If you're ever in Bangalore do drop in. Its right opposite Coles Park, Fraser Town. And don't miss the Biryani.*/

Update (7th July 2007): Shakti Bar has been running under new management for nearly a year now. It has been renamed United Bar, it has had a lot of changes ...and it's no longer my favorite hang-out.


Anonymous said...

hey bro, y dont you try the new shakti united

Agnel CJ Kurian said...

It's no longer what it was. No longer recommended.