Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hacker Tales: Part 1

"Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality, or the laws of physics." -St. Jude Milhon

I'm not much of a hacker myself but lately I've been very busy surfing hacker-related articles on Wikipedia. Hacking will never fail to captivate me. Starting with this post I'll be putting up links to anything interesting I can find.

The most facinating hacker article I've ever come across so far: The Great Hacker War.

The Great Hacker War was a 1990–1991 conflict between two hacker groups; the Masters of Deception (MoD) and a faction of the older guard hacker group Legion of Doom (LoD). Each side attempted to hack the other's computers, across Internet, X.25, and telephone networks around the world.

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