Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What a scoop!!

Dear Times of India,

We are so proud of you... and so are your families, your pets, your extended families, their pets and you yourselves. What a scoop!! A very important question facing Indian society today: "Are we 'flexisexual'?" THIS is what we call journalism. A textbook example of responsible reporting.

A couple of months back, this fella (chap called Craig Venter) created a living cell in his lab. (How boring. Cells have been around ever since Life first appeared on this rock.) Very recently some senior media persons were implicated brokering favors between political parties. (Boring. We already knew that.) And then let's not forget how Julian is so publicly sodomizing the high and mighty with the help of the amazing HyperText Transfer Protocol. (Geeks are boring by default.) Surrounded with such trivialities, it must be really tough to focus on things that really matter. Things like: "Are you 'flexisexual'?"

Let us all spare a moment to step back and tip our hats to the mighty TOI. India is ever proud of you. We are all flexisexual.

Agnel C J Kurian


Kiran Ignatius said...

Ever since Deccan Herald's quality of reporting touched bottom, there are very few Newspapers in Bangalore worth reading.
TOI is all about sensationalism and pictures of scantily-clad women(which in itself is not really bad).
The Hindu, while being excellent with regard to reporting, has a very monotonous layout.
The Chennai edition of IE was very good, but not the Bangalooru one.
What to do?

Agnel CJ Kurian said...

Have you tried this: ?

Saki said...

the indian express has very good reportage, but is low on gloss - though or course, that should not really matter.
i enjoyed 'the asian age' a lot. we used to get it a couple of years ago, but it is no more available in gujarat, due to low circulation. at that time, they used to have a really good literary supplement.

Saki said...

i agree about the times.

indian express has some very good reportage, but the paper quality leaves something lacking. the new sunday supplement is really good, though.

we used to get The Asian Age here a couple of years ago. good paper. it used to carry a very good literary supplement.

Agnel CJ Kurian said...

I took some time to actually read the article and it gets even worse. This is an article... about an article... about this so called "flexisexuality".